Research Projects

For our research, we focus on using human eye movements to design systems that increase office workers‘ productivity and well-being. For our research topics, please visit Eye-based Interactive Systems page. 

Name Funding Contact
EXPLORE-AI! - Exploratory Learning of AI with Immersive & Interactive Systems (Running)
EnBW AG Shi Liu, Dr. Peyman Toreini, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche
AI for Business | Business for AI (ABBA) (Running)
BMBF Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, Dr. Peyman Toreini, Shi Liu
Digital Citizen Science ∂ KD²Ex: Experimental Research for Wellbeing, Work, and Education at Home (Running)
KIT Excellence University Funding Future Fields II
Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, Dr. Mario Nadj, Dr. Peyman Toreini, Nico Loewe
Digilog∂BW: Digitalisierung im Dialog with ZKM (Running)
MKW Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, Dr. Peyman Toreini, Moritz Langner
Interlytics: Interactive Analytics ∂ EnBW (Finished)
EnBW Ulrich Gnewuch, Marcel Ruoff, Peyman Toreini, Moritz Langner
Business Intelligence & Analytics Lab with KPMG (Finished)
KPMG Peyman Toreini