We focus on using human eye movements to design systems that increase office workers‘ productivity and well-being. Please visit Eye-based Interactive Systems page for more deatils. 

Attention Feedback for Data Exploration Tasks

Support decision makers in managing their limited attentional resources while exploring huge amount of information.

Gaze-based Task Resumption Support

Support resuming the primary task after an interruption by highlighting visual behavior before the interruption. 

EyeMeet: Joint Attention Support in Remote Meetings

An individual retrospective attention feedback for joint attention support in remote meetings.

PrEyeCo: Privacy-aware Shared Gaze

Aprivacy-aware remote collaboration system that integrates eye tracking technology and provides joint attention support in a privacy aware manner. 

EyeTC: Attentive Terms and Conditions

Provide attention feedback when users do not read privacy policies of Internet-based services.

Eye-based Interaction with Information Dashboards

Leveraging eyes as an input modality to interact with information dashboards such as eye-based click, navigation, scrolling and filtering, etc.

Eye-based Mixed Reality Applications

MR applications that work based on eye tracking technology integrated into HoloLens 2.