Lectures and Supervisions

If you are interested in writing a B.Sc. / M.Sc. thesis or practical seminar with me, drop me an email with your CV and grade sheet(s). I usually search for motivated students who love to be creative and ready to accept challenges! We can jointly work on finding a topic that fits your interest. 

Year Title
Summer 2022 (Main Lecturer)
Foundation of Interactive Systems
Summer 2020 / 2021
Foundation of Interactive Systems
Summer 2021
Research Infrastructure in Research-Oriented Teaching (RIRO)
Summer 2017/ 2018/ 2019
Practical Seminar - Interactive Analytics 
Winter 2018-2019
Digital Service Design (In cooperation with EnBW)
Winter 2016-2017 / 2017-2018
Business Intelligence Systems (In cooperation with KPMG)
Title Status
HoloDash: Designing Business Intelligence Dashboard on Mixed Reality
Master Thesis
MixTAB: A Mixed Reality Task Management Platform 
Master Thesis
Investigating MultiTasking behavior of Students during Remote Lectures with Mobile Eye Trackers
RiRo Lecture
EyeMeet: Joint Attention in Virtual Collaboration Using Eye Tracking Technology - A Field Study
Master Thesis - In cooperation with EnBW
Output: CHI LBW
PrEyeCo: A Privacy-Aware Collaboration System Using Anonymous Eye Tracking for Shared Attention Management
Master Thesis

AttentionBoard: A Quantified-Self Dashboard for Enhancing Attention Management With Eye-Tracking
Practical Seminar
Output: NeuorIS Paper
Designing Attention-aware Dashboard to Support Multi-display Environments
Bachelor Thesis - In cooperation with KPMG
Designing Attention-Aware Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboards to Support Task Resumption Failure
Bachelor Thesis - In cooperation with KPMG
Output: ECIS paper
Designing an Online Assessment Tool for Business Intelligence Reporting Tools Usage and Success
Master Thesis - In cooperation with KPMG
Designing Attention Management Support Tool for Students
Practical Seminar - In cooperation with KPMG